Press Release

On February 14th, 2018, during our normal Wednesday Chapel service, there was an active shooter situation at Faith City Mission’s 2nd street campus. Our head of security noticed a regular guest leave the service after going through our normal security protocols, and he followed to investigate. He observed the guest returning with a gun, and immediately alerted the attendees of the service and instructed them to evacuate the Chapel before confronting the shooter. The staff, students, and guests quickly responded to the evacuation order and protocols. During that evacuation, the shooter attempted to take remaining attendees of the service hostage, but our security team and students subdued the shooter. The Amarillo Police Department quickly arrived on scene and secured the location. One student was injured in the course of events and underwent treatment. Our students and staff are recovering from this shocking event. Our thoughts are with our injured student and we pray for his quick and complete recovery.


We want to give praise to God for His protection and honor the heroic actions of our security team, staff, students, and all involved, which prevented additional injury. We thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and support.