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Having a Heart of Giving

Faith City Mission is often perceived as a place where our neighbors can get food, clothing, and shelter. That’s all true. But, as a comprehensive community resource center Faith City Mission has multiple other resources to meet specific needs such as hygiene materials, newborn supplies, Christmas gifts, financial guidance, legal support, and more!

And, occasionally, something new and unexpected pops up.

John (not his real name) came to Faith City Mission after mealtime and was hungry looking for food. One of our discipleship students, seeing the need at hand, went into his own bag and gave them snacks to sustain him until the next day's food service. Afterward, this same student spent a proceeds of his own blessings to purchase more snacks so that another person wouldn't walk away from the Mission hungry just because food service was over.

It is this ability to hear the unique needs of each person God brings to Faith City Mission, and the flexibility to be able to address them that exhibits the heart of grace and giving that our neighbors need. This is just one story of a donor (in this case a student) making possible what is seemingly impossible. Were it not for our trusting donors, John may have not had another place to turn.

Your donation, whether it be monetary or physical time, helps each individual that comes through our doors. I implore you to be the change you desire to see in this world!

To give in any way, please visit HERE. We are so blessed to be a blessing and your giving changes person at a time!

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