Thousands of Lives Changed

In one year, you helped us serve 88,424 hot meals.We provided 26,284 nights of shelter to the homeless.  Dozens of baptisms, and even more salvations. All thanks to your generosity and donations.

Lifelong Lung Issues GONE!!

Dorcas' lungs were chemically burned when she was a child. Ever since then, she's had an awful cough. Well a man gave a Word of Knowledge over the radio, and now Dorcas is healed!

Baptism Service August 2016

On August 16, 2016, we had the privilege of baptizing 10 people, whose lives are forever changed. Their sins are wiped clean. God sees them as perfect, thanks to Jesus. 

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Eric started taking drugs at age 12 and used them for 30 years. He even lost custody of his children. After coming to Faith City, he learned "that as a Christian I am not a drug addict. I am a child of God." When tragedy struck, Eric saught comfort from God instead of drugs. Even though his parental rights had been terminated years before, he has now graduated from our Hope for Men program and gets to be with his children. God is good!


Kristi had been on drugs for 5 years. One night, the Lord spoke to her, telling her she would die if she did not quit. Frightened, she came to Faith City for help. That's when Michael and Jena prayed for her. She had a brain tumor, causing excruciating headaches. Jena felt an electric shock on her palms, after which Kristi said "Did you see the light? It was so beautiful! And my headache is gone!"


In February of last year, a young man named Rocendo came to us begging for prayer. He spoke no English, but I could see what the problem was; distended belly, jaundiced eyes and skin. I asked him in Spanish what was wrong. He told the translator. Yep, it was late stage cirrhosis of the liver. I asked the students who had experienced a healing in the area of the liver to come up and lay hands upon the young man. I laid my hands on Rocendo’s liver and we began to pray. His liver went nuts! It flipped and flopped and turned over and kept moving for about 5 minutes! I asked if he felt it. He said that he did. The staff watched his belly shrink before their eyes! He went to his doctor who was so surprised to see his abdomen so much smaller and the jaundice gone!

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